Fitness and Wellness


Trilogy Fitness and Wellness Center

Fitness Manager: Jennifer Taylor 480-291-9174

Fitness Center Hours:
Monday - Sunday
5:00 am to 10:00 pm
(The Fitness Center is closed 12:00pm - 1:00pm Monday, Wednesday & Friday for Interval Training)

  ORIENTATION:  To access the fitness and wellness center, a liability form is required.  This form is available at the Member Services desk. A signature is required from the participant and fitness staff.  Once the liability is signed, access will be assigned to your Trilogy proxy card. 


PERSONAL TRAINING:  $30 for 30 minutes OR $60 for 60 minutes - paid at the Fitness Center Desk.  Sign up directly with the Personal Trainer of your choice on Staff at Trilogy.  Please contact the Fitness Center Office at 480-279-2084 or Jennifer Taylor (Fitness Manager) at 480-291-9174 if interested in signing up with a Personal Trainer.

RULES & REGULATIONS: The following are rules set forth for use of the Fitness & Wellness Center.  Please be aware that these rules are for your individual and collective safety and well-being, as well as providing you (the community) with appropriate liability coverage.  The Fitness & Wellness Center staff will ask anyone to leave who does not comply with the following:

  • Release forms and orientations must be completed prior to working out in the Fitness Center.
  • All members must sign-in prior to working out in the Fitness Center.
  • No one under the age of 18 is allowed in the Fitness & Wellness Center.
  • Use of the cardio machines is limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting to use them.
  • Closed toed shoes and appropriate attire must be worn at all times.
  • Please wipe down all equipment before and after each use (wipes provided).
  • Food is not allowed. Water bottles are acceptable.
  • Workout at your own risk.
Guest Policy:  All guest are required to complete blue liability waiver before they can use the Fitness Center.


AED Machines

AED Machines Locations:
1) Fitness Center Lobby
2) Cafe
3) Ballroom
4) Outside Catalina Room 
5) Pool
6) Outside of Flex Room
7) Tennis Court
8) Pickleball Court
9) TWO - Mobile AED located at Member Services

MindBody Fitness Software

MindBody Fitness Software Set Up Instructions
Set up Instructions to set up a NEW Mindbody for NEW users:
1) Download the Mindbody Fitness app.
2) Create your account.
3) Once account is created, you will receive an email verifying your email address.  
4) Select Trilogy at Power Ranch.
5) Select the FIRST class you want to attend
6) CLICK ON PAY with an choose either Monthly Unlimited Fitness Pass OR 11 Class pass
(Please note all individual unused classes expire on 12.31.23)
Set up Instructions if you previously had a Mindbody account:
1) Download the Mindbody Fitness app.
2) Reset your password. 
3) Once password is changed, you will receive an email verifying your email address.
4) Change password.
5) Select Trilogy at Power Ranch.
6) Select the FIRST class you want to attend
7) CLICK ON PAY with an choose either Monthly Unlimited Fitness Pass OR 11 Class pass
(Please note all individual unused classes expire on 12.31.23)

Fitness Class Schedules and Class Descriptions 2024

If you have any questions regarding the 2024 Fitness Class Schedule, please contact
Jennifer Taylor, Fitness Manager at 480-291-9174 
Click below for more details:

Meet our Personal Trainers

Personal Training:
Single Sessions
30 minutes Personal Training Session: $30.00/ session
60 Minute Personal Training Session: $60.00 / session
10 - 30 Minute Sessions: $300.00
5 - 60 Minute Sessions: $300.00
Meet out Personal Trainers:
Hello Trilogy Residents! My name is Casey Holm,  I was born and raised in North Dakota and am a graduate of North Dakota State University,  with a B.S. degree in Human Performance and fitness.  I have been involved in fitness since 2002 and have been training here at Trilogy since 2017.  I have a sincere passion for helping clients improve their health and quality of life.  I have various certifications including Certified Personal Trainer, Senior Fitness Specialist to name a few. 
I have a true passion for health and wellness as lifting weights has been my passion or obsession for over 20 years.  I moved to Arizona in 2014 and enjoy all it has to offer, such as hiking and biking year-round.   In my free time away from training I buy and sell homes as I am a licensed Realtor ®.
 Contact me today to get started on your Fitness Journey!
Cynthia and her husband Mike are recent transplants to Arizona from WA State, where they were both born and raised.  After raising their family, she and her husband decided to relocate to warmer and drier weather and landed in Gilbert in 2021. Cynthia is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor as well as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. She has been in the Health and Wellness industry since 2010. She has owned and operated her own private fitness studio, taught fitness, and nutrition classes at her local community fitness center, while also working as a Wellness Coordinator for a large state agency in Washington.
Cynthia’s passion is helping clients achieve their health and fitness goals all while having fun. She enjoys helping her clients make positive behavior changes with support and encouragement.
When she isn’t teaching, training, or getting her own fitness goals complete, Cynthia enjoys spending time with friends and family, floating in her pool, watching bad reality TV and hiking and discovering her new state with her husband.
Danielle Kozazcki
My name is Danielle! I was born and raised in Massachusetts and played all different kinds of sports while growing up. But it wasn't until after I graduated college, when I really began to develop my passion for fitness, nutrition, and helping others feel more strong and healthy. I believe that everyone deserves to feel vibrant and strong mentally, emotionally, and physically. My approach is more than just a workout, it's about elevating in all of the pillars of health. As a coach I want to make sure you feel capable of moving with confidence in and out of the gym! I can't wait to meet you!
Certifications: NASM Personal Trainer, CPR/AED BLS, SCWINN Spin, LIVINGFIT Kettlebell and Battlerope, Precision Nutrition Level 1, NTP through the Nutritional Therapy Association 
Lois moved to Arizona in 2003 from New Hampshire. Once her three children were in school she pursued a career in the fitness industry.
After receiving her basic aerobic certification, Lois worked at Golds Gym, Worlds Gym, YMCA, and numerous other health clubs. It soon became her passion. She was constantly looking for more challenges and continued achieving certifications in step, spin, aqua, arthritis, senior fitness, nutrition, Pilates, yoga, Reiki, and personal training.
Lois saw her passion become a reality when she bought a 1400 member health club in 1988.  Owner and operator of Gilford Hills Health Club in New Hampshire she was responsible for the day to day operations, and responsible for organizing state tennis and racquetball tournaments. The multi sports club and pub became one of the area's leaders in fitness, racquetball and tennis.   After selling the health club and moving from the area, Lois became the fitness director of Boston Sports Club. There, her fitness career continued to grow for 10 years. Winter weather finally getting the better of her, she moved to Arizona, built a house at Trilogy and started teaching fitness classes at Trilogy in 2003. Her passion and dedication to fitness has grown as she has enjoyed working with her Trilogy family.

Marti enjoyed many years of marketing with a large corporation.  Elimination of her department, offered Marti a chance to do something she has thought about for many years, Personal Training. Yes, this was a midlife go fo it career change moment.  Marti has been athletic most of her life, YMCA swim team, high school track, running events and road cycling.  She was back to college and acquired a Strength and Conditioning certification with honors, then soon passed her NSCA Personal Trainer Certification.
In 2012, Marti began training at a small fitness studio. Right away she was fortunate to acquire 3 years experience in various fitness modes. Real Ryder,  Ryder Indoor cycling, TRX, kettelbells and personal training wiht a wide range of cllients. Client range all through fitness continuum. Everyone is training for something...sports, and event, vacation and better quality of life.
“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end” Closing Time, Semisonics

After finishing his career as a busy orthopedic surgeon, Pete has channeled his energy into personal training. Both involve intimate knowledge of human anatomy and kinematics of the musculoskeletal system.
It has been Pete’s lifetime passion to help people return to their highest level of function after injury or other orthopedic issue.  His work focused on joint replacement.  He also was team orthopedist for Iowa State University sports. 

He strongly believes that the medical benefits of exercise are enormous. It aids weight loss, improves mood, boosts energy and combats a myriad of health conditions. Exercise helps you embrace life and it truly is the best medicine.
With personal training one can identify individual needs to make a unique “game plan” with appropriate goals. Every person is different. But every person can benefit from some form of exercise.
Pete’s motto: let’s exercise and let’s have fun doing it.

PWRMoves! for Parkinson's

Parkinson Exercise Program
Trilogy at Power Ranch now providing a PWR!Moves class to individuals living with Parkinson’s Disease. This class focuses on providing techniques to maintain and/or decrease the progression of symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease such as: Bradykinesia, Balance, Incoordination, and Rigidity.
PWRBoxing! for Parkinsons
Tuesday's & Thursday's from 12pm to 1pm
PWRMoves! for Parkinsons
  Tuesday's & Thursday's from 1pm to 2pm
The cost of the program is $40.00 per month for Trilogy residents
($50.00 for Family members of Trilogy residents)
Please contact Jennifer Taylor to schedule your pre-screening appointment. or 480-291-9174
PWRMoves! Parkinson's Group Exercise Program
A Parkinson-specific exercise class that “makes function exercise” to keep you moving and doing more of what you want to do! As you practice, you will be challenged physically and cognitively while working on fitness goals: strength, balance, agility, aerobics, and flexibility. Exercises are designed to improve your fitness counteract your PD symptoms and increase your daily activity.  This whole body, function-focused exercise class will push you to do more than you think. (Separate fee-based class) (60 mins) Pre-screen required before attending class.
PWRBoxing! for Parkinsons
Non-contact boxing inspired exercise program designed to improve the mobility, balance, endurance, cognitive function, and strength of people fighting Parkinson's disease.  

Modern Physical Therapy with Physical Therapist Ben Hill

Welcome Ben Hill with Modern Physical Therapy
 to the Trilogy Wellness Room.
Ben will be on site:
Mondays 1pm - 5pm
Tuesdays 8am to 12pm
Thursdays 1pm to 5pm
Fridays 8am to 1pm (effective June 21st)
Call 480-306-6627 to schedule your appointment
Medicare accepted

JMA Integrated Medicine with Jessica Abawi MSN, APRN,FNP-C every Wednesday

Welcome to the Wellness Room
Nurse Practitioner Jessica Abawi MSN, APRN,FNP-C
Every Wednesday 7:00am to 3:00 pm in the Wellness Room
(See Services below)
Jessica Abawi, Nurse Practitioner is the owner and Primary Medical Provider of JMA Integrated Medicine. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Grand Canyon University at the top of her class.  Then went on to complete her Masters of Science in Nursing at University of Phoenix earning her Family Nurse Practitioner degree. She started her career as a nurse at Mayo Hospital working in the step-down ICU and Transplant units for 15 years. Over the last two years, she have been practicing as a Nurse Practitioner and Injection Therapy Specialist.  She is currently a member of American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Sigma Theta Tau- Nursing Honor Society Nu Upsilon Chapter and Omicron Delta Chapter.

Jessica is beyond excited to partner with Trilogy and offer my treatment services, where her mission is to improve patient's quality of life and provide the most optimal care for each individual patient, advocating and empowering them to be a part of the health care process.
Please see the attached services Nurse Practitioner, Jessica Abawi

Call or text (480) 825-0593 to schedule an appointment 
scan the QR below

Weight Loss Program with JMA Integrated Medicine with Jessica Abawi MSN, APRN,FNP-C every Wednesday

Nurse Practitioner Jessica Abawi MSN, APRN,FNP-C will be offering:
SEMAGLUTIDE Weight Loss Program 
Allow us to help you with your weight loss journey. 
Semaglutide, also known as Wegovy, is an FDA approved medication for weight loss. 
It is injected once weekly and works by mimicking a hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) that targets areas of the brain that regulates appetite and how much you eat.
On average, Semaglutide has shown a weight loss of ~13% over the course of 6 to 12 months as results may vary.  Semaglutide is prescribed for adults who are overweight and/or may have a chronic health condition.
We are excited to offer this weight loss program which includes weekly injections, weight tracking and waist measurements. 

The program costs $400 for the first six weeks, then $350 every six weeks after that, which is an average of $8.70 per day.  Discount is available if you pre-pay for the 18-week program.  
Call (480) 825-0593  to make your appointment  or scan the QR Code

Healability Dr. Logan - B12 Injections -One Friday a month

Dr. Logan, Naturopath with Healability will be offering the following services:
B12 Injections - The FIRST FRIDAY of Every Month - TEXT 623-226-4234 to make an appointment
Cost for a B12 Injections is $20.00 ( Cash or Checks accepted) Please make checks payable to Dr. Logan
Other Services:
BIA -Body Composition  
Nutritional Counseling
Health Aging Series Class
Please contact Healability Directly at TEXT 623-226-4234 to make an appointment

Massages by James Snapp

Massage Therapist James Snapp will be joining our Wellness Room Team.
James will be onsite in the Wellness Room on Tuesdays from 4pm to 8pm.
James specializes in: 
Massage Therapy for those with neurological diagnoses such as 
Brain injuries
Post Polio
Chronic Fatigue and much more

One on one personalized stretching sessions.

TEXT 623-238-6635 to schedule your consultation 

Massages by Shena Davis every Monday

 Massages by Shena
July 2023...Massages by Shena Davis every Monday in the Wellness Room 
Shena Davis, Licensed Massage Therapist, will be providing Massage Therapy for Trilogy at Power Ranch!
Call 870-557-1339 to Schedule your appointment 
Hello everyone, my name is Shena Davis. I have been a licensed massage therapist for the last 3 years. I have studied several modalities at the Arizona School of Integrative Studies for Massage here in Mesa Arizona. I specialize in deep tissue Swedish massage but implement many other techniques in my work. 
Outside of work I am a wife and mother of two rascal boys. Being a boy mom we spend a lot of time outdoors, camping, fishing and being in the water. We are originally from Arkansas, so we like to stay in touch with our country roots. 
I am looking forward to seeing new massage clients at Trilogy every Monday from 8am to Noon. 

Facials with Vital Skin Company every Saturday

Haley Cole, Licensed Esthetician, will be providing Facial for in the Wellness Room every Saturday
Call, Text or Scan QR code to schedule your appointment:

Massages with Kate every Thursday

 Kate Burns, Licensed Massage Therapist, will be providing Massage Therapy for Trilogy at Power Ranch!
Call 480-227-3405 to Schedule your appointment 
My name is Kate Burns, I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and moved to Globe, Arizona in 1990 at
the age of 13. I came to the valley after two years at a community college to attend the Institute for
Natural Therapeutics where I earned an advanced 1000 hour Massage Degree in 1998. I have since been
continuing my education annually and have a wide variety of modalities to incorporate into my sessions.

I started my career working for a chiropractic office. I then worked for a prominent day spa for eight
years and then ventured out on my own. I have worked alongside Naturopaths, a midwife and variety of
other bodyworkers. Currently, my primary practice is in East Mesa where I work four days a week
providing massage therapy and skin care (I also earned my Aesthetics License while working for the day
spa to allow me to provide more services). I expanded my massage practice to Trilogy residents in 2020.
I have met so many wonderful people and have enjoyed it so much!
I live in Chandler with my husband and two amazing teenage children. I love to ride my bike, do Pilates,
garden, watch the sunset and eat healthy and clean. I am striving to live in the moment, take deep
breaths and enjoy each and every day.

I am grateful that I chose a career that I LOVE. I have been providing top-notch therapeutic and relaxing
massage therapy for over 26 years! I am lucky that people are happy to come see me and feel even
better when they leave and it is such a rewarding and beautiful thing.

My massage sessions are personalized to each individual and my healing hands work with intent and
kindness. I truly care about your health and well-being, and you will feel that with my work.